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Many homes still rely on a boiler for heat. A boiler is used to create hot water or steam for steam radiator heating or baseboard systems. Today’s high efficiency models make all the difference.

A Boiler can be retrofitted into your existing system to increase efficiency and improve the safety of older heating systems. The increase in efficiency will save you money the first month of service and for years to come.

What separates Original Donnelly from our competitors, is the quality of our installation and our attention to detail. With boiler installations, we include additional items to give you peace of mind and make your boiler very easy to live with.

One item is a Spirovent. The Spirovent eliminates all air from the boiler system – meaning you no longer need to bleed your lines. We also recommend Tekmar control systems with our boiler installations. Tekmar systems feature outdoor temperature indexing. In other words, it measures the outdoor temperature (not just the indoor temperature) and adjusts the boiler to keep your home warm while maintaining maximum efficiency.

When is it time to replace your current boiler?

  • If it is more than 20 years old – more efficient models will save you as much as 50% in heating costs
  • If your radiators are not heating part of the house – 1st floor but not the 2nd.
  • Automatic filling
  • Your current boiler requires frequent repairs

If you think your boiler is in need of service, contact Original Donnelly to request a repair or schedule an estimate for a new boiler system.

Contact us today to discuss updating your old boiler and start saving money! Don’t forget to ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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