Residential Renewable Energy

Heating Geothermal/Heat Pump

A lot is being talked about Green Energy these days. It is used to describe sources of energy that are considered to be environmentally friendly and non-polluting, such as:
  • Geothermal Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar Panels
  • Photovoltaic (Solar Electric)Solar Light Tubes
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar-Powered Attic Fans
  • Hybrid Heating

Green Energy has many advantages:

  • Helps to reduce the environmental impacts of conventional electricity generation
  • Lowers your utility bills
  • Helps to increase our nation’s energy independence.It is an infinite, renewable source of energy
  • Requires less maintenance than conventional means

We’re Green….and Here’s Why:

  • We recycle & manage refrigerants
  • We use environmentally safer refrigerants
  • Our Service Techs are EPA certified
  • We install High SEER Equipment
  • We maintain your equipment to highest operating efficiency
  • We provide energy management consultation Since 1978, Original Donnelly has been installing a wide range of environmentally friendly and cost saving solutions for our clients.

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